Anthony Bourdain’s Terrifying Financial Past Makes For Compelling Brand Content

The chef, author, and TV personality chronicles how an early life of money problems made him a fanatic about debt for Wealthsimple.

Anthony Bourdain’s Terrifying Financial Past Makes For Compelling Brand Content
Anthony Bourdain Illustration: courtesy of Wealthsimple

WHAT: Anthony Bourdain talks about how he approaches his finances, in the latest installment of Wealthsimple’s brand content “Money Diaries” series.

WHO: Wealthsimple, Anthony Bourdain

WHY WE CARE: So Bourdain is talking about how he approaches business deals in a branded content article for fintech brand Wealthsimple. How meta. But! As we all know, the cardinal rule of branded content is to make stuff people would actually want to read/watch/hear whether it has a logo attached or not. And Bourdain spilling about the circumstances around why he didn’t even have a savings account until after his 44th birthday, and how it’s informed his approach to finances now, certainly qualifies.

When Kitchen Confidential was published, I hadn’t filed taxes in about 10 years. I was seriously behind on rent. It had been about a decade since I’d communicated with American Express in a timely manner. In my daily life, the goal was to muffle the anxiety that I’d feel as I tried to drift off to sleep knowing that, at any point, what little money I had in my bank account could be garnished by the IRS or the credit card company. The landlord could kick me to the curb. That was my reality for many years.

Read the full piece on Wealthsimple’s site.

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