Wall Be Damned, Pixar Celebrates The Magic Of Mexico In “Coco”

The first look at Pixar’s Coco is a cultural breath of fresh air for a country that, uh, certain people have demonized recently.

Wall Be Damned, Pixar Celebrates The Magic Of Mexico In “Coco”

WHAT: The first trailer for one of Pixar’s two release this year, Coco.

WHO: Toy Story 3 director Lee Unkrich, and vocal performances from Benjamin Bratt, Gael García Bernal, Renée Victor, and newcomer Anthony Gonzalez.

WHY WE CARE: Disney and Pixar’s recent output of original movies has parsed some unlikely subject matter, including Polynesian myth in Disney’s Moana, and anthropomorphic human emotions in Pixar’s Inside Out. By now, these golden egg-laying animation studios have built up enough trust that Pixar can roll out a film that tackles Día de Muertos, the Mexican holiday celebrating dead people, and not worry about losing their young audience. Coco tells the tale of Miguel, a young boy growing up in the lone anti-music household in a rocking Mexican village, who secretly yearns to jam out himself. Also, there’s a curse and ghosts, etc. The first trailer introduces us to Miguel and his guitar-plucking ambitions, and then telegraphs his journey into some kind of mystic mariachi netherworld. It’s a cultural breath of fresh air at a time when positive representation matters so much and, um, certain people seem determined to paint Mexicans in a negative light.

Coco is one of two Pixar movies to debut in 2017: Cars 3 drops this summer, and you’ll have to wait to see Coco until November.

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