Selina Meyer, Queen of Westeros? “Veep” And “Game Of Thrones” Collide At SXSW

Definitely one of the most striking images to emerge from Austin this week.

Selina Meyer, Queen of Westeros? “Veep” And “Game Of Thrones” Collide At SXSW

The next season of Veep is hotly anticipated, and while Selina Meyer has shifted roles on the series over its previous five seasons, at SXSW, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Tony Hale, and Matt Walsh gave a hint at one role she’s not likely to take: Queen of Westeros, sitting atop the Iron Throne. At the HBO activation at the festival (an escape room themed to Game Of Thrones, Veep, and Silicon Valley), Dreyfus and her co-stars posed with the iconic set piece from GoT for a fun worlds-collide image.

It wasn’t the only iconic Veep image to come out of SXSW: Comic book artist Phil Noto created a poster as a giveaway for the series’s panel at the conference, which would make for a pretty great cover image for any extended Veep universe materials HBO decided to create (which we’d be on board for 100%).

Outside of Austin, the Veepstakes continue rising, too: On Monday, HBO released the trailer for season six–which premieres April 16–to show a look at how Meyer’s post-Presidential life will play out.

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