Misogynistic Trump Quotes Look Right At Home Paired With Vintage Sexist Ads

During yesterday afternoon’s typically masochistic press briefing, Sean Spicer attempted to walk back Donald Trump’s latest whopper. Apparently, the leader of the free world did not mean it literally when he stated outright that his predecessor wiretapped him. Just another classic Donald walk back, like when he clarified that Barack Obama actually was born in the United States, or when his spokesman claimed that he was only joking about hypothetically dating his daughter. But of course, most of Trump’s outrageous statements cannot be walked back. One artist has just introduced a powerful way of keeping them out in the world.

Making America Misogynistic Again is a series of images that pair vintage sexist advertising with some of Donald Trump’s most regrettable quotes. (The level of regret on Trump’s part is debatable, but much of the world likely regrets knowing these exist.) While the ads of 2017 may still be sexist, in ways that are subtle but insidious, the pre-Mad Men era ads were flagrant offenders. Women were kitchen wenches, bedroom vixens, and mega-mommies, ever reverent of their men. It should come as no shock that Donald Trump, whose campaign’s whole backwards-facing ideology yearned for the past, fits right in among the ads of this time.

The artist known as Saint Hoax has assembled a collection of ads in which women are depicted as either servile, needing a spanking, or, um, being used as a rug–all with Trump’s own words splashed across them. Seeing the conical bras of yesteryear garnished with the 5th-grade level Donaldism, “A person who is very flat-chested is very hard to be a 10.”

Let’s just hope these pieces end up more as a comment on the past, rather than a preview of the future of advertising. Have a look at more in the slides above.

[via Dangerous Minds]