Watch The Weeknd and Daft Punk Bring ’80s R&B To Another Planet

The outer space-set video for “I Feel It Coming” marks the second teaming of the robot revolutionaries and the debauched pop star.

Watch The Weeknd and Daft Punk Bring ’80s R&B To Another Planet

WHAT: “I Feel It Coming,” a new music video featuring grainy footage of space exploration.

WHO: French C-3PO DJ brothers, Daft Punk, assisting horny Michael Jackson of our times, The Weeknd.

WHY WE CARE: Last seen together in last fall’s dark and sleek “Starboy” video, the dynamic trio of Daftnd (or WeekPunk?) strikes again. This time, the song abandon’s the sultry nightclub textures of now and hearkens back to an earlier era. “I Feel It Coming” sounds like Toto’s “Africa” with a vocoder chorus, and there ain’t nothing wrong with that. The video complements the sound, adding those blurry after-effects common to VHS tapes viewed one too many times. It’s set on a journey through the galaxy, mostly on some distant planet, where the debauched pop star tries out funky dance moves amid slithering sand snakes. Co.Create officially declares this voyage: fantastic.

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