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Trump’s First 50 Days By The Numbers

The 45th president is obsessed with numbers—here are some of the most interesting facts and figures of his time in the White House so far.

Trump’s First 50 Days By The Numbers
Source Photos: Flicker users Gage Skidmore (President Trump), Gene Han (Numbers)

Forty-five is obsessed with numbers—their power, mystery, and aura—and always has been.

For decades, Donald Trump has bragged about his personal fortune, once even suing biographer Tim O’Brien for questioning Trump’s true net worth and lashing out at Forbes for what he claimed was a lowball estimate of his worth. During the presidential campaign, he couldn’t stop tossing out numbers about everything that mattered to him: the size of the crowds at his campaign rallies, how many jobs he created as a businessman, his poll numbers, and the size of the national deficit under Obama. Since the election, Trump has been consumed by the size of the crowd at his inauguration, his popular vote total, the number of jobs he claims to have created, and the “millions” who voted illegally. It didn’t matter whether the numbers were accurate or not. They meant something to him, something tangible and substantial and impressive.

So on the 50th day of his presidency, halfway through his first 100 days, Fast Company took a look at some of the most important numbers—from jobs created and drone strikes launched to total tweets and golf trips—during his brief time in the White House.


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