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MIT Students Give Us Our First Cinematic Look At Riri Williams, Marvel’s New Iron Man

The fictional MIT student gets portrayed by real MIT students in a fan film.

MIT Students Give Us Our First Cinematic Look At Riri Williams, Marvel’s New Iron Man

Marvel’s Riri Williams–the star of the comic book publisher’s Invincible Iron Man, flying around in her suit of armor since Tony Stark disappeared at the end of the Civil War II crossover event–is one of the more promising characters the company has introduced in recent years. (And with a lineup that includes America Chavez, Miles Morales, and more, that’s no mean feat.) But as great a character as Riri, who fights crime under the superhero name Ironheart, has turned out to be, she’s probably got a while before she replaces Tony Stark in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Still, if you want a glimpse of what the young genius-level engineer would look like in the real world, students at MIT–where the fictional Williams built her suit of Iron Man armor–have given you the chance. In their annual “Pi Day” film, released to remind prospective students that March 14 can also be stylized as 3.14, a current MIT student plays the hero, showing her journey from invention to flight in the university’s labs.

There’s not much to the film besides that tease–over the strains of Ennio Morricone’s “L’estasi Dell’oro,” the dialogue-free fan film is mostly just a chance to watch Riri fly around and look cool in custom-built Iron Man armor. But as they might say in Massachusetts, she looks wicked cool, and if you’re waiting around for Willow Smith to debut as Riri in a big-budget blockbuster in, say, 2022, this ought to whet your appetite.

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