“Geostorm”: What Happens When The Disaster Movie Genre Has Officially Been Exhausted

Have we done all we can with the end-of-the-world genre?

“Geostorm”: What Happens When The Disaster Movie Genre Has Officially Been Exhausted

WHAT: The first trailer for this year’s anonymous-looking disaster film, Geostorm.

WHO: Director Dead Devlin, of Independence Day and Godzilla infamy.

WHY WE CARE: These are apocalyptic times. Every day brings news along the lines of North Korea testing ballistic missiles to see whether they’ll reach US bases in Japan, while Syrians are massacred and nationalism spreads around the globe. While the average pop culture junkie might be inclined to seek out escapism mostly, sometimes he or she likes to lean into the chaos with a disaster movie. There’s just one problem: we’ve seen it all before. The trailer for Geostorm presents an environmental disaster so anonymous it might as well be the swirling vortex from every single Marvel movie. By now, the world has already been cinematically besieged by aliens, Mayans, zombies, ‘zillas, diseases, ice, kaiju, and meteors. We’ve taken the event out of Extinction Level Event. Now that every day feels like we may be on the verge of existential threat via Trump tweet, it might be time to go back to the drawing board and rethink the end of the world from the ground down.

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