Meet Colleen Wing, The Real Hero Of Marvel’s “Iron Fist”

The fourth Marvel/Netflix series drops in less than two weeks, so now is the time to get to know its other hero.

Meet Colleen Wing, The Real Hero Of Marvel’s “Iron Fist”

WHAT: A featurette from Marvel and Netflix introducing audiences to Colleen Wing, the love interest/mentor/crimefighting partner of the show’s titular superhero.

WHO: Wing is played by Jessica Henwick, whose nerd cred is skyrocketing after turns on Game Of Thrones and in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

WHY WE CARE: So, Iron Fist is the most, er, problematic series in the Marvel/Netflix partnership. It’s the story of a hero who masters the art of mystical kung fu, but that hero–as in the ’70s exploitation-era comics in which his stories originated–is a blond-haired white dude. There’s been critique of the casting of Finn Jones as the character (whose story could have easily been told with an Asian-American actor) basically since he was announced in the lead, and the actor took a Twitter break after bumming out over the criticism he was getting on the service.

All of which is to say that, when it comes to introducing the series’ other hero–Colleen Wing, played by British actor Jessica Henwick (whose mother is Singaporean Chinese)–Netflix and Marvel definitely need to get it right. To do so, they use this featurette to introduce Wing as the martial arts master pit fighter with a distinct mission of her own who has to overcome her own concerns about Jones’ Danny Rand. What we see of Wing in the tease gives us a strong sense of the character as the sort of charming badass that carried shows like Jessica Jones and Luke Cage. So while the show might be called Iron Fist, we’re going to go ahead and assume that she’s the co-lead here, and that’ll suit us just fine.

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