New Nike Ad Challenges The Notion Of “What Girls Are Made Of”

For the Russian market, the brand reworked a popular children’s song to reflect a more accurate, and optimistic future.

New Nike Ad Challenges The Notion Of “What Girls Are Made Of”

WHAT: New Russian Nike ad adds a modern twist to one of that country’s most recognizable and loved children’s songs.

WHO: Nike, Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam

WHY WE CARE: If this traditional Russian song is to be believed, little girls are made of “flowers”, “gossip” and “marmalade,” which doesn’t leave a lot of room for toughness, determination, and strength. Here, much like in a recent Middle East ad, the swoosh challenges cultural tradition. The level of confusion among the well-dressed adult audience rises in proportion to the diminutive songstress’ confidence. It’s a welcome addition to the brand’s growing playlist of advertising celebrating a more equal view of women in sport and society.

Forget flowers and marmalade. “Made of bruises; And of punches. Made of bravery; And of clenched fists.  Made of independence; And of skills; Of passion and heart; And of dignity.  Made of will; That’s harder than flint. Made of strength; And of fire. Made of freedom; From other people’s opinions.  Made of accomplishments; And of achievements. This is what our girls are made of.”

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