This Interactive Music Video Is Full Of Easter Eggs Promoting Political Resistance

A groovy new interactive video from Portugal. The Man also slyly teaches users how to stay woke and then some.

This Interactive Music Video Is Full Of Easter Eggs Promoting Political Resistance

WHAT: An interactive new music video that offers users tips on small acts of resistance.

WHO: Agency Wieden + Kennedy, production company PRETTYBIRD, directors Ian Schwartz and fourclops ::), along with interactive platform WIREWAX.

WHY WE CARE: One familiar line Co.Create has been hearing a lot over the past few months is how great the Trump administration is going to be for punk rock and comedy. Lest we forget how much we all thrilled to the sounds of Good Charlotte and cracked up at the American Pie sequels during the Bush years. While the jury is still out on the pre-impeachment entertainment to come, one thing is for sure: musicians are indeed fired up and ready to resist. Take for example the interactive video for “Feel It Still” from adventurously named Alaskan band, Portugal. The Man. Throughout the video, which is mostly set during a junkyard dance sesh, users are encouraged to click the screen to find easter eggs. Each one is an icon, such as the Statue of Liberty in a circle, bearing a resistance tip like Protect People In The Shadows. These aren’t just vacuous suggestions, though. At any time, the user can click the fist in the upper righthand corner to find out more about all the icons they’ve uncovered. Protect People In The Shadows, for instance, leads to the website for MALDEF: the “Latino legal voice for civil rights in America.” All in all, it’s one of the funkier ways to encourage small acts of generosity that you’re likely to find.

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