Ladies, Now You Can Prove Precisely How Many Times A Man Interrupts You

WHAT: Campaign to highlight “Manterruption,” including an app, which analyzes conversations and measures every time a man talks over a woman.

WHO: BETC Sao Paolo

WHY WE CARE: Cast your mind back to the pre-election presidential debates. Yes, it seems like a lifetime ago and may be painful, but do it anyway. Remember Hillary Clinton’s grim-faced resignation as Donald Trump interrupted and talked over her repeatedly? People marveled that she did not snap and lose her temper but, as every woman everywhere knows, she didn’t because women deal with this nonsense all of the time. But ladies, rejoice! (I guess?) Because there is now an app that will calculate precisely how often this occurs to you.

Ahead of International Women’s Day on March 8, ad agency BETC Sao Paolo, has created the app to measure what it is calling “Manterruptions”–a kind of ruder, elder brother to mansplaining (and cousin to manspreading), which analyzes conversations, and calculates how many interruptions by men have taken place. Maybe don’t use it during job interviews. The app is accompanied by a series of posters designed by female artists to highlight the issue and a website to rally support.LJ