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You Can Now Watch The “Deadpool” Short Film That Plays Before “Logan,” And You Should

At least one old man was hurt in the making of this motion picture.

You Can Now Watch The “Deadpool” Short Film That Plays Before “Logan,” And You Should

This past weekend, Logan opened to critical acclaim and a box office bonanza. Its 93% Rotten Tomatoes score puts it at the very top of the X-Men food chain in terms of critical reception, while its $85.3 million box office take is the second-highest opening for an R-rated movie of all time. In first place? Deadpool, of course, the movie you actually clicked on this post to learn about. Old man Logan may be marching off into the sunset with his claws dragging behind him after spending two hours and seventeen minutes in a dystopian hellscape that blends the despair for the future of Children of Men, the bleak view of human nature of Mad Max: Fury Road, and the resignation that even men who strive to be good eventually revert to their tortured animal nature of Unforgiven–but where Deadpool is concerned, it’s all a party over here still!

That’s evident in “No Good Deed,” the Deadpool-starring short film (it’s not really a trailer) that plays before Logan in theaters, and which is now available to watch online. The short is tonally inconsistent with the film it precedes–Logan is a grim drama, “No Good Deed” is about Deadpool getting stuck in a phone booth–but nobody seems to mind much, and why would they? In lieu of a post-credits sting (which would make little sense, given that [spoiler] at the end of Logan), starting the hours of nihilism that is the film with some dark humor makes sense. And because it’s still a Deadpool film, there are a handful of teases built into the film seemingly intended specifically to antagonize obsessive fans.

There’s graffiti on the phone booth that Deadpool gets stuck in while trying to change into his costume that reads “Nathan Summers Coming Soon!”, a reference to Deadpool’s in-comics frenemy Cable, who will almost certainly be appearing in Deadpool 2 (if not Fox’s long-gestating X-Force). There are posters in the window of a store behind Deadpool advertising Fox’s much-missed Joss Whedon franchise Firefly (which probably aren’t a reference the most recent rumors of the property’s return, but who can say for sure?). There’s graffiti referencing some of Marvel’s most obscure characters (Oggy!), to whom Fox’s X-Men division doesn’t own the rights. It all seems like it’s specifically intended to tweak the sort of fan who obsesses over teases and details, which is, of course, most people who’ll be talking about a Deadpool short that played before Logan on a Monday morning. All of which is to say that despite [spoiler], the X-Men franchise will most certainly be continuing, and continuing toward a future in which the horrible things that happen to random civilians will be played for laughs, rather than for their existential trauma. Until Wolverine gets rebooted with a sunnier disposition, we guess, make ours Deadpool.

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