“The Americans” Just Made The Savviest Ad Buy In Newspaper History

An ad for the show’s upcoming fifth season hangs just above headlines on The New York Times that pertain to Russia.

“The Americans” Just Made The Savviest Ad Buy In Newspaper History

As Co.Create mentioned yesterday in our Creative Calendar, everybody has been making jokes about The Americans this year. The FX show follows the attempts of a pair of Russian operatives to destabilize the U.S. from within. It’s a story that has not been very far from the news since the Washington Post first reported back in December that Russia had interfered in our election with the intent to help Donald Trump. Now that The Americans is set for its fifth season premiere on March 7, FX decided to promote the show with what has got to be one of the shrewdest ad buys of all time. In today’s issue of the New York Time, splashy as for the show appear just above A1 stories about embattled attorney general Jeff Sessions, who appears to have lied under oath about meeting with a Russian ambassador. (Twice.) This story has been hanging around since Wednesday night, so FX had to know that it would be one of the headlines directly beneath the ad today. Considering that Michael Flynn was fired from his job as National Security Adviser for a similar breach two weeks ago, though, it seems like just about any day lately may bring another headline about Russia. The Americans might as well capitalize on that.

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