• 03.02.17

“Finding Beyoncé” Is The Bey-Themed “Where’s Waldo” Homage You Didn’t Know You Needed

Where’s Beyoncé? She’s everywhere.

As her recent performance at the Grammys suggested, Beyoncé doesn’t just inhabit one earth-bound being. She’s an earth-mother goddess-figure who transcends physicality in order to ascend to a higher plane, where she can dip in and out of corporeal form as she pleases in order to touch the lives of her increasingly devoted fans. (Or something–that performance was lovely, but kind of confusing.)


Regardless, the notion that Bey means more to the people who love her than any pop star since the Beatles is probably true, which means that there is very little Beyoncé-themed merchandise that would be unwelcome among those fans. And look, here’s proof: It’s Finding Beyoncé, a 40-page Where’s Waldo-like picture book featuring various visual interpretations of the star from the cartoonish and representational to the rather more abstract and thematic. In either case, the images contained within the book scratch that Queen Bey itch. There’s a representation of the sure-to-eventually-be-constructed Museum Of Beyoncé, in which idols depicting the artist recreate her various incarnations: “Formation” Beyoncé, Austin Powers Beyoncé, Sasha Fierce Beyoncé, Lady Gaga’s “Telephone” Beyoncé, etc. There’s an ornate, luxurious pool party that Beyoncé, in attendance but apparently unhappy about it, protests the opulence before her in her own inimitable way. There’s an image in which Beyoncé, or Beyoncé-inspired ciphers, pose facelessly over abstract backgrounds. There’s a picture of Jay-Z, apparently on a tropical island, searching for his much more famous wife amidst a collection of Beyoncé memorabilia. And so forth.

If you’ve been looking for a way to indulge your weirder Beyoncé fantasies, in other words (maybe you’re looking for her because you have to rescue her? But, like, in a dream or something?), this is definitely where you want to be.

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