Pizza Hut Is Making Sneakers That Can Order You Pizza, Because Why Not?

Some sneakerheads are gonna get totally chubby.

Pizza Hut Is Making Sneakers That Can Order You Pizza, Because Why Not?

WHAT: “Pie Top Shoes,” extremely limited-edition Pizza Hut-branded high tops from which you can order a pizza by pushing a button on the tongue.

WHO: Droga5 for Pizza Hut, with Grant Hill starring in the campaign.

WHY WE CARE: Despite what their endorsement deals might tell you, you know what most NBA superstars don’t do after a game? Go home and order a large pizza. But if that was a traditional part of the post-game ritual, it’d be getting a lot easier right now: Pizza Hut’s “Pie Tops” (get it?) are Bluetooth-enabled smart shoes with a button on the tongue for placing an instant order for a large, two-topping pizza. The kicks, designed by sneaker customizer The Shoe Surgeon, are insanely limited–to just 64 pairs, one for each team in the NCAA March Madness Tournament–which means that a small selection of collectors who are lucky enough to score a pair are gonna get totally chubby ordering with their feet. Of course, this isn’t the first innovation in pizza ordering-technology we’ve seen in recent years. It’s just the most fashionable. Domino’s began letting users place an order via Twitter by simply tweeting a pizza emoji at the brand in 2015, and introduced zero-click ordering last spring–but none of those things are gonna pop up on eBay to sell to desperate sneakerheads for a thousand bucks ten minutes after launch, so Pizza Hut is dunking on them with at least one demographic.

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