Watch “The Daily Show” Rip Apart The Myth of Paid Protesters

The Daily Show’s Desi Lydic goes to Birmingham, Alabama, to talk with some protesters about whether they’re being funded by George Soros or naw.

Watch “The Daily Show” Rip Apart The Myth of Paid Protesters

WHAT: An incisive, funny exploration of the supposed paid protesters making life miserable for the Trump administration.

WHO: The Daily Show team, and correspondent Desi Lydic.

WHY WE CARE: One of the more insidious lies pervading the public discourse since Donald Trump was inaugurated–but take your pick!–is the concept of paid protesters. Everyone from Sean Spicer to Jason Chaffetz to the president himself has bluntly suggested that the angry crowds darkening the doorways of town halls this spring are filled with plants. It seems like a laughable idea, but the readers of right-wing websites like The Daily Caller and Breitbart are not laughing at all. Instead, they’ve latched onto the talking point like a face-hugger alien and refuse to give it up. In a playful but important segment of The Daily Show, Desi Lydic travels to representative Gary Palmer’s town hall in Birmingham, Alabama, a/k/a the reddest district in the country, to interrogate protesters on their authenticity. The real fun starts, though, when Lydic asks the counterprotesters whether they’re being paid. Watch the full video here.

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