“The Detroiters” Stars Play Ad Execs On TV, So We Had Them Improvise Some Ad Pitches

Comedians Sam Richardson and Tim Robinson have a new sitcom about advertising, so we put them to work for some actual brands.

“The Detroiters” Stars Play Ad Execs On TV, So We Had Them Improvise Some Ad Pitches

Tim Robinson and Sam Richardson are not (yet) household names. They’ve been scene-stealers on Saturday Night Live and Veep, respectively, but in terms of mainstream recognition, they’ve yet to move beyond That Guy status. Perhaps the way to get the word out about the gut-busting abilities of these two comedians, though, is with more advertising. Luckily, they’ve just concocted a particularly effective calling card: a quirky new Comedy Central show set in the advertising world.

With The Detroiters, the pair has taken the peanut butter-meets-chocolate blend of each other’s distinct timing and delivery, and draped it in a premise with endless possibilities. Robinson, who starred in an unmissable episode of Netflix’s The Characters last spring, plays Tim Cramblin, who inherited a Detroit-based advertising agency from his dad. Richardson plays Sam Duvet, Tim’s best friend, business partner, and the brother of his wife. Take one guess as to whether the ads they make as part of each week’s episode are gloriously terrible.

The best way to get a flavor of the show’s singular sense of humor, however, besides watching, is from the creators themselves. Since Richardson and Robinson are both gifted improvisers, Co.Create asked them to come up with ads for some globally recognized brands. Watch the video below:

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