What’s More Dangerous When Driving: Texting or Booze?

A surprising U.K. PSA campaign has the answer.

What’s More Dangerous When Driving: Texting or Booze?

WHAT: U.K. road safety PSA against texting while driving.

WHO: AA Charitable Trust, Think!, adam&eveDDB

WHY WE CARE: We’ve all been there. Well, all of us with a driver’s license have. Pulling the designated driver short straw, shepherding inebriated pals home after an evening out, torn between being furious at missing out, and relieved that it’s not us behaving like that. Isn’t that the third time they’ve told this joke? The idea that they could drive in that drunken state is ridiculous.

This smart U.K. PSA builds on the general acceptance that drunk driving is, of course, bad by informing us that driving while texting is actually more dangerous. Yes, even just that one quick reply! The film delivers the sobering (sorry) fact that you’re twice as likely to crash while text driving as you are drink driving. The campaign is being launched to coincide with the introduction of new, harsher penalties for texting while driving in the U.K.

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