No, Kellyanne, This Is Why Women Oppose Trump

Brain-bending video editor Vic Berger quickly assembled a video response to Kellyanne Conway’s specious reasoning on female Trump support.

No, Kellyanne, This Is Why Women Oppose Trump

WHAT: A woozy mashup response to the idea that Trump is a champion of women.

WHO: Adult Swim’s chief video artist, Vic Berger, working here with Super Deluxe.

WHY WE CARE: Another day, another paradoxical, Twilight Zone-style Yogi Berra-ism from Kellyanne Conway. The embattled Counselor to the President, fresh from being soft-banned from TV appearances, offered another humdinger while speaking at CPAC yesterday. According to the famously mendacious Trump mascot, women who oppose Dear Leader “just have a problem with women in power.” Aside from the faulty logic that provocatively ignores how women who are against Trump likely voted to put a woman in a position of supreme power, Conway’s statement also ignores Trump’s fraught history with women. Berger’s warped mashup juxtaposes video footage of Trump hosting the White House’s Women’s Business Leaders Roundtable with audio of him explaining that he certainly did not sexually assault the women accusing him of doing so, because they are not good-looking enough to warrant it. Yet another galling reminder of how the idea that “nobody has more respect for women than Donald Trump” is the ultimate in alternative facts.

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Joe Berkowitz is a writer and staff editor at Fast Company. He has also written for The Awl, Rolling Stone, McSweeney's, and Salon.



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