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#ThrowbackThursday To Daniel Kaluuya’s Intense “Black Mirror” Monologue

The star of Get Out appeared in one of the most standout episodes from season one of Black Mirror.

#ThrowbackThursday To Daniel Kaluuya’s Intense “Black Mirror” Monologue

British actor Daniel Kaluuya has been slowly staging a takeover stateside with roles in Sicario, Kick-Ass 2, next year’s Black Panther, and, most recently, Jordan Peele’s directorial debut Get Out.

Race-Based Horror Movie Get Out Couldn’t Be More Timely

But just six years ago while he was working mainly on British shows and movies, Kaluuya landed a role in season one of Black Mirror–and what a role it was. In the episode “Fifteen Million Merits,” Kaluuya plays Bing, a resident in an apartment complex where everyone peddles stationary bikes to power the city, earning points that pay for food, toiletries, and the most coveted prize of all: an audition on a talent competition show. In true Black Mirror fashion, everything goes straight to hell (get summaries of all of season one’s episodes here) which leads to this epic monologue of Shakespearian proportions.

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