The Afterlife Is So Hot Right Now: Our First Full Look At Netflix’s “The Discovery”

Robert Redford, Rooney Mara, and Jason Segal navigate a world in which people can’t wait to die.

The Afterlife Is So Hot Right Now: Our First Full Look At Netflix’s “The Discovery”

WHAT: The full trailer for Netflix’s The Discovery, out March 31.

WHO: Charlie McDowell directs Robert Redford, Rooney Mara, and Jason Segal.

WHY WE CARE: The afterlife is hot right now. The Good Place was one of the breakout hits of the 2016-2017 Fall TV lineup, there’s a Flatliners reboot on the way in September, and The Discovery is equally invested in exploring what happens after we die–and what happens to the living once we know. It makes sense why we’re interested after spending much of the past few years obsessed with the apocalypse–after the apocalypse show is the afterlife party–but if it signals a shift in the kind of stories we’re looking at, well, getting off of “destruction/survival/fascist warlords” as a trope isn’t the worst thing in the world. The new trailer makes The Discovery look like a fascinating exploration of a world in which people are less concerned about getting through the day than about getting to the next world, with a cast of heavy hitters telling that story. Where the film’s first teaser was more of an abstract tone-poem, this one gets right to it, with Redford and Mary Steenburgen (who’s also director McDowell’s mom) directly discussing the rash of millions of suicides that have followed Redford’s character’s titular discovery. As afterlives go, this one seems pretty appealing on the surface–which almost certainly means there’s a dark side waiting just beneath it. Maybe we’ll find out that apocalypses aren’t so bad, after all.

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