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This Is What Every Oscar Bait Movie Looks Like, According To Seth Meyers

“Oscar Bait” is a fake trailer from Late Night with Seth Meyers that borrows every single cliche from end-of-year prestige cinema.

This Is What Every Oscar Bait Movie Looks Like, According To Seth Meyers

WHAT: A fake trailer for Oscar Bait, a movie that collects all the overly familiar bits from wannabe Best Picture nominees.

WHO: The team at Late Night with Seth Meyers.

WHY WE CARE: Around this time last year, Meyers and co. proved their mettle at obsessively cataloging cliches with a trailer for Boston Movie. It was, as they say, wicked pisser. Now the crew has turned their attention to another genre that is much broader than Boston drama, but way more pervasive. Oscar Bait is a scorched earth assault on the deluge of prestige films that roll out like clockwork toward the end of each year. (The movie calendar has three seasons: Summer, Oscar Bait, and January.) While the trailer for Oscar Bait has no plot to speak of, it does contain all the classic trappings of its category, including: “racial tension, latent homosexuality, and man staring at trains.” It’s a perfectly timed video that will make you question whether Lion or Manchester By the Sea wasn’t perhaps developed in a lab with the intention of bringing home a trophy on Sunday night.

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