German Grocery Store Ad Imagines A Town Where Everyone Is Absurdly Fat

Once again, the German supermarket chain Edeka, unflinchingly makes a point.

German Grocery Store Ad Imagines A Town Where Everyone Is Absurdly Fat

WHAT: Cinematic spot from German supermarket, Edeka, featuring an overweight boy bent on escaping his overweight town.

WHO: Edeka

WHY WE CARE: Edeka: it’s probably not a name that will immediately ring bells. However, if we remind you that this is the German supermarket chain that in 2015 ran a holiday ad in which a grandfather faked his own death in order to get his family to visit him, then memories may well be stirred. This time, the brand has taken an even more controversial route, if that were possible, by setting its commercial in a bleak town where everyone, absolutely everyone, including pets, is grossly, absurdly overweight.

The boy, miserable at endlessly shoveling gray gloop into his mouth, fantasizes about flying away. He makes various attempts at taking flight but is hampered by his weight, and, you know, the lack of a jet engine or similar, but never mind that. He spots a bird eating berries and is inspired to change what he eats in order to reach his goal. He’d probably have been better off with a carrot but, again, never mind that. He emerges after a long winter of berry eating, slim, sleek and ready for flight and off he soars. The tagline, “Iss wie der, der du sein willst” translates as “Eat like the person you want to be.” Like Edeka’s previous spots, it has been met with a mixture of delight and dismay.

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