Independent Theaters Are Trolling Trump With “1984” Screenings

As the George Orwell adaptation looks more and more like a documentary, theaters such as the Alamo Drafthouse have begun screening it again.

Independent Theaters Are Trolling Trump With “1984” Screenings

WHAT: The re-release of 1984 into select independent theaters.

WHO: Alamo Drafthouse, IFC Center, Nitehawk, and others.

WHY WE CARE: Shortly after a dictatorial game show host assumed the presidency one long month ago, George Orwell’s monolithic dystopian classic, 1984, suddenly ascended the bestseller list. Nobody could place exactly why. Just kidding–everybody knew why. It’s because the slide into an exaggerated nightmare future like 1984 can’t happen overnight, but it can indeed happen–and a staggering number of people feel the breeze blowing in that direction. Since we have to wait until April for that other prescient sci-fi adaptation, The Handmaid’s Tale, to premiere on Hulu, select independent theaters are answering the demand for dystopian cinema with screenings of 1984, which came out in 1985–just missed it–and stars John Hurt and Richard Burton. (Check your local listings to see if there’s an Alamo Drafthouse or Nitehawk near you before the re-release date: April 4.) If these theaters really want to troll Trump, though, they would screen 1984 as part of a double-feech with Idiocracy.

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