Watch What Happens When Jilted Tinderers Confront Those Who Ghosted Them

A new video series challenges the romantically rebuked to confront those who ghosted them. The results are funny and spookily uncomfortable.

Watch What Happens When Jilted Tinderers Confront Those Who Ghosted Them

WHAT: A new web series called Ghosted, where jilted online daters track down those who digitally abandoned them.

WHO: Artist and filmmaker team Molly Teitelbaum and Alex Budman.

WHY WE CARE: The verb “ghost” first came to prominence at some point in 2014, and has refused to die ever since. (Which is rather ironic, if you think about it.) Although the word refers to the vacuous vapor-trail left behind when a romantic interest disappears without notice, it could also describe the corresponding spiritual crisis of the ghosted party, who may be left feeling more dead than alive. In any case, giving a term to the phenomenon seemed to galvanize public disdain for it. That’s why it’s cathartic to see a web series where people confront their phantasmic tormenters head-on. Ghosted is a modern-day update of High Fidelity, but tailor-fitted for the digital era. Filmmakers Budman and Teitelbaum empower friends to reach out to those who left them hanging like noose-meat, and ask pivotal questions about what exactly happened. Each bite-size installment, accented with playful animation offers either a sense of closure, or reassurance that–just like the afterlife–maybe we’re better off not knowing.

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