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“Moonlight” Lends Itself Surprisingly Well To Interpretive Dance In This Short Film

The Best Picture nominee inspires more elegant beauty.

“Moonlight” Lends Itself Surprisingly Well To Interpretive Dance In This Short Film

WHAT: “The Fits,” a short film featuring three generations of dancers interpreting the story of Best Picture nominee Moonlight.

WHO: The Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater teamed with director Anna Rose Holmer on the project, which stars dancers Jamar Roberts, Christopher Taylor, and Jeremy T. Villas.

WHY WE CARE: Moonlight is an underdog to win Best Picture at the Oscars this month, but less an underdog than any nominee outside of La La Land. There’s a reason for that: While the film addresses serious subject matter (addiction, childhood poverty, crime, the criminal justice system, being gay in a place that’s tough on gay people), it does so in a way that transcends the gritty nature of the material to tell a story that’s beautiful and transformative, and every bit a tribute to the power of cinema to tell enchanting stories through words, pictures, and sound as the Best Picture frontrunner. And “The Fits” helps capture just how potent Moonlight is by showing the angst, tension, and hope that the film’s three leads carry through the power of movement alone. You don’t have to be a ballet enthusiast to catch how “The Fits” ties to Moonlight, and it’s clear that La La Land isn’t the only movie worth dancing about in the Oscars race this year.

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