Express Your Lingering Grammys Anger On Beyoncé’s Behalf With The “Lemonade Rage” Game

Smash things on Beyoncé’s behalf with hot sauce (the baseball bat).

Express Your Lingering Grammys Anger On Beyoncé’s Behalf With The “Lemonade Rage” Game

WHAT: Lemonade Rage, an 8-bit style side-scrolling browser game in which you play as Beyoncé using her baseball bat (“Hot Sauce”) to break windows like Queen Bey herself does in the “Hold Up” video.

WHO: Joe Laquinte, Justin Au, Colby Spear, and Line Johnsen–the first three of whom work for Ogilvy & Mather in their day jobs (while Johnson works at Joan Creative)–created the game as a side project.

WHY WE CARE: If you’re still smarting about Beyoncé getting robbed on Sunday night for the “Album of the Year” Grammy (an indignity that falls short of the 2016 Presidential election, perhaps, but above the 2017 Super Bowl), worry not: Now, with Beyoncé as your avatar, you can express that indignation by strolling 8-bit streets and smashing windows and fire hydrants from within the comfort of your browser window. “We had the idea back when the Lemonade film came out,” explains Spear. “We knew the ‘Hold Up’ video would make a really fun game. We wanted to launch with the Grammys, and then when people were feeling like she got snubbed, the fact that she’s running through the street smashing stuff I think resonates pretty well with people.” A baseball bat may not be the ultimate solution to the oft-unspoken race problem at major awards shows, but it sure is satisfying to play out in game form.

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