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“What The F*ck Just Happened Today?” Chronicles Our Daily Political Insanity

In case you’re sick of just checking Twitter 24 hours a day, now you can get all your Trump news in one convenient package.

“What The F*ck Just Happened Today?” Chronicles Our Daily Political Insanity
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What the Fuck Just Happened Today? is a daily newsletter telling you just that. It’s a point-by-point breakdown of the day’s Trump news, organized by day. The latest update, as I write this, for example, is Day 25, and includes the Mar-a-Lago farrago, National Security Advisor Michael Flynn’s resignation over illicit communication with the Russians, the Trudeau/Trump meeting, the swearing-in of Steven Mnuchin as treasury secretary, and updates on Trump’s anti-Muslim travel ban. If there’s one positive thing to say about Trump’s first few weeks, it’s that it never gets boring.

What the Fuck Just Happened Today? newsletter is both a diary of our times and the best summary of the day’s most important Trump news. Creator Matt Kiser lists stories from various sources (from the New York Times and Washington Post to Buzzfeed and Politico), along with a short explanation of each piece of news. You’ll also see links for related reading, and the day’s entry gets updated if there is an important change throughout the day (there tends to be). One thing you’ll notice straight away is that there is no filler. Trump and his cronies are managing to create whole months’ worth of news on a daily basis.

You can get WTFJHT delivered as a newsletter, or follow the account on Twitter or Facebook.

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