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Donald Trump Tweets Like An Early-Aughts Emo Teen, And Here’s Proof

Hear Trump’s moodiest recent tweets as an emo anthem for the ages. (Specifically, the age of 2003.)

Donald Trump Tweets Like An Early-Aughts Emo Teen, And Here’s Proof

WHAT: A broody song composed entirely of Trump’s tweets.

WHO: The online jokesters at Super Deluxe.

WHY WE CARE: One of the preferred insults wielded by right-wingers in recent months is “snowflake.” Apparently cribbed from a disparaging remark in Fight Club, the insult is often used to imply that someone offends as easily as snow melts. It’s a bizarre charge to reserve for liberals, however, at a time when the President of the United States, who some might call a conservative, is constantly tweeting about how everything is either sad or unfair. The team at Super Deluxe noticed this tendency–I mean, who hasn’t?–and that the substance of these sniveling tweets bore a distinct resemblance to the style of music practiced by bands with names like The Jealous Sound. What Super Deluxe came up with is an early-aughts style emo anthem comprised entirely of Trump tweets. Not only does his war on the press sound at home in this context, but his use of random capitalization finally sounds appropriate when scream-sung. Fair!

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