Now Obama Can Dunk On The Haters In “NBA 2K17”

Casual Retired Obama gets his latest hobby.

Now Obama Can Dunk On The Haters In “NBA 2K17”

WHAT: A fan-made skin for NBA 2K17 starring Barack Obama as a member of the Charlotte Hornets (and not, for some reason, the Chicago Bulls).

WHO: The skin and subsequent video were created by YouTube/Twitch gamer NykeFaller.

WHY WE CARE: Much of the Internet celebrated watching Obama’s vacation photos this week (there’s your dude kitesurfing!) and as a popular, young post-President whose absence is felt even more deeply because of who his successor is, it hasn’t taken long at all–literally three weeks–for Obama nostalgia to set in. This skin for NBA 2K17 is neither factual nor playable at home (though we suspect NykeFaller would hook Obama up if he asked for his own copy), but watching a virtual recreation of the 44th President of the United States dunk on Carmelo Anthony is satisfying nonetheless. Now somebody go do one with Joe Biden as Duke Nukem!

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