GE’s Push For Celebrity Scientist, The Legend Of Tom Brady: The Top 5 Ads Of The Week

A short film that’s actually a hearing test, climate change gets poetic, and Russell Westbrook cites some niche stats for Foot Locker.

GE’s Push For Celebrity Scientist, The Legend Of Tom Brady: The Top 5 Ads Of The Week

This week General Electric launched a new white paper outlining research on the link between gender diversity and economic competitiveness, and made the commitment to having 20,000 women fill STEM roles at the company by 2020, and obtaining 50:50 representation for all its technical entry-level programs. To launch the initiative, the brand and agency BBDO New York created an ad that wondered what the world would be like if scientists were celebrities, with 86-year-old Millie Dresselhaus as famous as Kim Kardashian. Imagine a world like that? Who would be Kanye? Oh wait, that’s easy. Neil deGrasse Tyson. Onward!


GE “What IF Scientists Were Celebrities?”

WHAT: A new GE ad to launch a company initiative to have 20,000 women in tech roles by 2020
WHO: GE, BBDO New York
WHY WE CARE: This isn’t so you’ll buy more lightbulbs. It’s also an incredibly smart recruiting tool. As GE chief marketing officer Linda Boff told me this week, “While the role of marketing is many things—humanizing the company, bringing the brand to life, telling stories—I’d say that partnering around key audience segments, making sure the talent of the future understands GE in a way that is culturally relevant, is quite important.”

Under Armour “The Legend Of Tom Brady”

WHAT: Under Armour asks Bostonians about Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, a day after he won his fifth Super Bowl.
WHO: Under Armour, Droga5
WHY WE CARE: The readymade brand title celebration ad is starting to become a thing. Nike did it for the Cubs, and here Under Armour does it for Tom Brady and the Patriots. What Brady did to win the Super Bowl–with a ridiculously helping hand from Julian Edelman–was epic, and getting the locals to kick the legend into high gear is a fitting tribute.

Cochlear “Does Love Last Forever?”

WHAT: A love story that is actually a hearing test
WHO: Cochlear
WHY WE CARE: Sometimes the best way to get a message across is unexpectedly. Just ask “Evan.” Here, a short film has entirely different outcomes depending on whether you can hear what’s going on. Creative filmmaking and distribution, as it was shown before the Oscar-nominated Lion in Australian movie theaters to raise awareness for hearing loss and treatment options.


The Climate Coalition “A Love Song”

WHAT: A poetic tribute to Earth from a group of U.K. charities and organizations committed to tackling climate change
WHO: The Climate Coalition
WHY WE CARE: When Tywin Lannister starts waxing poetic in a diner booth about climate change while staring out at the rain, you sit up and pay attention, dammit.

Foot Locker “Stats”

WHAT: Russell Westbrook goes far beyond traditional metrics in a new Foot Locker ad for Jordan Brand.
WHO: Foot Locker, BBDO New York
WHY WE CARE: Foot Locker has a long, storied history of making NBA players funny, but this spot hits the high notes for two reasons–the keeping Vine alive for 7.4 more months stat is social media commentary gold, and finding a way to get Hall of Famer Bill Russell in there is respecting your superstar elders.


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