Sofia Coppola Turns To The Dark Side With “The Beguiled”

Coppola is breaking from her trademark style in favor of something more sinister, and it’s about damn time.

Sofia Coppola Turns To The Dark Side With “The Beguiled”

WHO: Director Sofia Coppola

WHAT: Trailer for The Beguiled

WHY WE CARE: Sofia Coppola has mastered the craft of capturing this sense of dreamy ennui in films like The Virgin Suicides, Marie Antoinette, and Somewhere. But now she’s throwing cold water on all of us with The Beguiled. Based on Thomas P. Cullinan’s novel A Painted Devil that was first adapted to film in 1971 with Clint Eastwood, The Beguiled centers around three women in a boarding school in the Confederate South who take in a wounded Union solider. From there, everything pretty much goes to hell as a disturbing love triangle (square?) ensues. The Beguiled is a surprising, if not completely welcomed, turn for Coppola. Her penchant for stylizing sweeping cityscapes and hazy suburbia have no room in the insular and dark tone of The Beguiled–there’s also not much room for southern hospitality either, apparently.

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