Feel The Wrath Of “Dear White People: The Series”

Netflix just released the first trailer for Dear White People: The Series, and it is a banger.

Feel The Wrath Of “Dear White People: The Series”

WHAT: The first trailer for Dear White People: The Series.

WHO: Justin Simien, the talented writer/director of the award-winning film the show is based on. Some of the cast is returning, including Brandon Bell as Troy Fairbanks, although Logan Browning has replaced Tessa Thompson as Samantha White.

WHY WE CARE: It is hard to overstate the eminent prescience of the 2014 film Dear White People. Then again, an argument can be made that the only folks surprised by the sustained racial tension in the years since are white people themselves. Creator Justin Simien spent five years writing the script for the film, which explores the strained racial atmosphere of modern-day college in a funny way. Eventually, he made a trailer for the then-unmade film and used it to launch a successful crowdfunding campaign at Indiegogo. From there he went on to win the Special Jury Award for Breakthrough Talent at Sundance in 2014, and Dear White People enjoyed a brief theatrical run. The movie became a legit cult hit, however, when it eventually landed on Netflix. It’s easy to see why the streaming service gave Simien and Lionsgate a series run the following year. Judging from the tone of this teaser trailer, during which a raid is unleashed upon an unsuspecting blackface party on campus, the show will increase the cult of fans significantly.

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