Yep, Eggo Was Officially Involved In That “Stranger Things 2” Super Bowl Ad

But don’t worry, Eleven’s frozen waffle love isn’t paid product placement.

Yep, Eggo Was Officially Involved In That “Stranger Things 2” Super Bowl Ad

Well, USA Today might say that Kia won the Super Bowl ad game, and advertising execs gave National Geographic’s “Bad Romance” the trophy. But maybe the big brand winner of the Super Bowl was one who didn’t actually pay to be in the game at all.

According to marketing technology company Amobee, the biggest brand winner of Super Bowl LI was Netflix’s Stranger Things, with its trailer generating 307,000 tweets during the game. The next closest brand was T-Mobile with 91,700. And, besides those glorious Ghostbuster uniforms, what brand name and logo got everyone’s eyebrows raised most during that trailer? Kellogg’s Eggo.

Now, any fan of the show knows of Eleven’s penchant for the frozen waffles, but this time the brand wasn’t a casual bystander.

“Eggo’s presence in Stranger Things was a happy surprise for the brand and it was clear that fans loved it as much as we did,” Eggo Marketing Director Trinh Le told Co.Create in an email. “So, we couldn’t resist partnering with Netflix in their Super Bowl ad. The partnership is promotional only. All product featured in the show is organic.”

No, Eggos aren’t organic. But the brand has benefitted from the the Duffer Brothers including it as a (unpaid) curious character quirk. So all they had to do to get in the Super Bowl was give them a vintage ad from 1980. Not a bad deal.

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