This Hilarious Video Absolutely Nails “What It’s Felt Like Since The Election”

Comedic performer Michael Feldman made a video that captures the daily horror of many people’s lives since that fateful day last November.

This Hilarious Video Absolutely Nails “What It’s Felt Like Since The Election”

WHAT: “What It’s Felt Like Since The Election,” a succinct summary of the new normal.

WHO: Actor and Groundling Michael Feldman, along with director Ian Alda.

WHY WE CARE: One source of cold comfort in the day-to-day nightmares parade that is 2017 is the Endless Screaming account on Twitter. Any time something terrible happens–say, the president of the United States blatantly lies about crime statistics, or one of his mouthpiece defends his lies by pointing out that sometimes the president doesn’t lie–it’s nice to see someone retweet Endless Screaming’s ever-unfurling AAAHHHHs. This account has just been capsized, however, by a live-action counterpart that is even more satisfying.

“I didn’t know what else to do with myself . . .” actor Michael Feldman writes on a Facebook post, “so I did this.” What he did is make a video that presents post-election America as a Twilight Zone festival of horrors in which once-reasonable people cannot stop screaming as they go about their daily activities. It’s a perfect encapsulation of the very common struggle to maintain one’s life-affairs while constantly processing a steady stream of news that would very recently have been beyond comprehension. The struggle continues, but at least this video puts a relatable face, and scream, on it.

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