Pamela Anderson Has A Sexy Valentine’s Day Tryst With Herself For Coco de Mer

Not your typical Valentine’s romance.

Pamela Anderson Has A Sexy Valentine’s Day Tryst With Herself For Coco de Mer

WHAT: An anti-Valentine’s Day spot for lingerie and sex toy retailer, Coco de Mer, involving a sparsely clad Pamela Anderson.

WHO: Coco de Mer, The Full Service

WHY WE CARE: The combination of Pamela Anderson, the often-mischievous photographer Rankin and sex toy company, Coco de Mer was bound to lead to raciness. This borderline NSFW (depends on where you work, really) spot follows Anderson as she arrives home, wearing a gabardine mac, with nothing underneath (as one does) and prepares for an evening of love. The twist is, she is not getting ready for the man of her dreams to arrive but rather, the unboxing of a sex toy.

The tongue-in-cheek (sorry!) film has a serious point, which is, not everyone has a great time on Valentine’s Day but being alone on the annual day of romance is not necessarily a bad thing. As Rankin, who directed the film says in a statement, “My vision was that some people have really shit Valentine’s Days, so why don’t we twist it and do something for lots of different kinds of people, which at the same time is a bit naughty.”

The big question is, is Ms. Anderson alone on Valentine’s Day because her love interest is confined elsewhere?

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