Netflix’s Scruffy Final Defender Revealed: Our First Look At “Iron Fist”

Marvel TV’s next street-level hero completes the extended universe’s other superhero team.

Netflix’s Scruffy Final Defender Revealed: Our First Look At “Iron Fist”

WHAT: The latest trailer for Marvel and Netflix’s Iron Fist, which premieres March 17.

WHO: Scott Buck created the show, which stars Finn Jones as the title character.

WHY WE CARE: Marvel’s Netflix slate has been pretty strong, on average–and the heights of Jessica Jones, Daredevil, and Luke Cage definitely make up for the lulls that each series experienced over their 13 episode seasons. Iron Fist, the fourth (and final, for now) new character to be introduced into that lineup, looks to continue that run by telling the story of Danny Rand, who returns to New York after being sucked out of an airplane as a child and learning mystical kung fu to earn the mantle of the Iron Fist in the alternate dimension K’un L’un. The story is the most conventional superhero tale in the Marvel/Netflix bunch–like Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark in Batman Begins and Iron Man before him, Danny Rand returns to the company his father started after being believed dead, only to find that it’s rotten with corruption and needs a cleansing that can only come via superheroic means. While the trailer doesn’t show much that’ll appease fans who were frustrated to see a character who it might make more sense to see portrayed as Asian-American played by a white dude, it does give us a look at Jessica Henwick’s Colleen Wing, and at Jones’ charming take on Rand. The series may have some hurdles to clear in terms of getting those fans on board, but if they pull it off, watching Danny Rand clear the corruption out of the boardroom with the power of his glowing fist should be a pretty fun way to spend a couple of nights in March.

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