Chance The Rapper Sings A Muppet-y Duet In New Video For “Same Drugs”

Chance’s “can do no wrong” streak continues unabated.

Chance The Rapper Sings A Muppet-y Duet In New Video For “Same Drugs”

WHAT: The video for Chance the Rapper’s “Same Drugs,” from last year’s Coloring Book.

WHO: Robot & Frank and Paper Towns director Jake Schreier directs Chance and some Muppetty pals in the video.

WHY WE CARE: He’s still a few months shy of his 24th birthday, but Chance the Rapper is still in the midst of a potent “can do no wrong” streak. Last year’s Coloring Book may have been the best album of the year by someone without the last name “Knowles,” and his blend of emotional, gravity, whimsy, and joy have made him pop music’s most refreshing voice in who-knows-how-long. The video for “Same Drugs”–a heartfelt ballad that was originally conceived as a duet with Regina Spektor–premiered on YouTube on Monday (after the artist previewed it on Facebook Live before the weekend), and it shows Chance bringing all of those things straight to the screen. He’s at a grand piano in front of a muted rose backdrop, seated next to a human-sized muppet-like creature who joins him on the chorus. Chance plays the entire thing straight, getting engrossed in the emotional core of a song about growing apart, even as he leaves the piano as the precipitation falls and strides through the production team on the video–who are also all puppets, naturally–as he presumably walks back to the hotel in the rain.

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