Explore 3-D Floor Plans For The Unlikely Spaces In “Mad Men,” “Parks & Rec,” And More

Probably the least believable part of any sitcom is the Narnia-size closet each character apparently owns, containing enough stylish, perfectly fitting clothes to ensure never wearing the same outfit twice. Somewhere slightly lower on the list, though, is the rest of the apartments these characters live in and the offices where they work.

Designed to trick the viewer into believing maximum depth, these spaces are highly unlikely feats of architecture. The audience is only supposed to notice the decorations and perhaps the size of each room, but they can learn a lot more by looking in on the layout from above. We’ve seen blueprints before, obsessively composed by an interior designer, but a new series of floor plans brings the buildings from your favorite TV shows to eye-popping life in 3D.

Created by real estate marketing website Drawbotics, these floor plans present some familiar places in a whole new light. While nothing here is as blatantly insulting to the viewer as the apartments in Friends, which pack a sprawling sum of square footage with clown car efficiency, they may raise some questions. The vaguely rhomboid shape of the Sterling Cooper Draper and Price office in Mad Men, for instance, seems like something out of an imaginary building, despite the rest of the show’s impeccable design detail. Speaking of detail, though, the team at Drawbotics nails all the knickknacks littered around The IT Crowd’s office, the furniture in Erlich Bachman’s Silicon Valley house, and the tile scheme of Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s police precinct. You’ll feel like you’re there even as you’re evaluating whether “there” is a place that could actually exist.

Have a look at more floor plans in the slides above.

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