This Map Of What Each State Has Googled Most Since The Election Will Give You Hope

A new infographic from Estately reveals the searches U.S. citizens have been conducting on Google since election day are surprisingly woke.

This Map Of What Each State Has Googled Most Since The Election Will Give You Hope

The number one book on Amazon last week was not the latest by Nicholas Sparks or JK Rowling. Instead, George Orwell’s dystopian classic 1984 leapt to the top of the charts. It’s no coincidence that people are turning to this book at the dawn of the Trump presidency–a time when the daily news makes speculative parables like 1984 and The Handmaid’s Tale look more like real-time biography. It’s also a hopeful sign that the nation that elected Donald Trump to be its 45th president is also leery of the dangers this decision presents.

Another hopeful sign is the latest infographic in the “Most Googled” series from real estate hub, Estately.

In the past, the website has gathered up data to show some of the weirdest questions each state appeared to be Googling more than any other state. (That one yielded hilarious results like the fact that many Floridians were curious to know why everyone hates Florida.) The latest offering from the website takes a look at which statewide search habits have risen in frequency since the election in November. Depending on which bubble you live in, this kind of project might seem like it would turn up a lot of “the real truth about pizzagate” and “Can a president be TOO awesome?” It turns out, though, that this map is actually a lot more hopeful.

Estately “used Google Trends to measure search traffic for hundreds of terms, names, and questions that relate to both current events and the new Donald Trump administration.” What they found is that what each state Googled more frequently than the other 49 states was often something shockingly woke. Just as readers are reaching for 1984 to look to the future, Wyoming residents looked to the past with “internment of Japanese Americans.” (True, there’s a chance these knowledge-seekers were actually in favor of interment, but let’s give them the benefit of the doubt.) Elsewhere, there are searches for Donald Trump pee pee party, Punching Nazis, and a surprising amount devoted to Teen Vogue journalist Lauren Duca’s instantly iconic interview with Tucker Carlson. Great job, America.

Have a look below at the infographic, and read more about the info Estately compiled here.

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