The Year’s Best Super Bowl Commercial Actually Aired During “Saturday Night Live”

SNL rolled out the latest edition of its Super Bowl ad series this weekend, with Kristen Stewart, and it’s the best one yet.

The Year’s Best Super Bowl Commercial Actually Aired During “Saturday Night Live”

WHAT: Another smart product integration from SNL that turns the idea of a Totino’s Pizza Rolls Super Bowl ad into . . . something unexpected.

WHO: Vanessa Bayer and guest host Kristen Stewart.

WHY WE CARE: Back in the halcyon days of early 2015, when a nation of Serial listeners was captivated by HBO’s The Jinx, Saturday Night Live started what became a tradition. The cast and writers put together a fake commercial that re-enforced the standard gender dynamics of Super Bowl advertising to a ridiculously exaggerated point, deftly undermining a decaying institution. We had no idea how much we needed it at the time. The following year, SNL anted up again, with another fake ad for the same brand, Totino’s, this time turning the act of sports-related female subservience into the stuff of horror movies. The latest installment in the series arrived over the weekend, and this one is like something out of a different kind of movie–a French lesbian romance, to be specific. In it, the eminently game guest host Kristen Stewart teaches Vanessa Bayer’s dutiful housewife that there’s far more to life than feeding her Hungry Guys some pizza roles. The emotional arc of this lesson is both more earned and funnier than anything that actually aired during the game.

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