Michelob Ultra Super Bowl Ad Mixes The “Cheers” TV Theme With Real Fitness Fanatics

You want to sweat where everyone knows your name.

Michelob Ultra Super Bowl Ad Mixes The “Cheers” TV Theme With Real Fitness Fanatics

WHAT: Michelob Ultra’s Super Bowl ad that puts the Cheers theme song over real fitness fanatics having fun together.

WHO: Michelob Ultra, FCB Chicago

WHY WE CARE: Okay, kids, gather ’round ol’ Grandpa for a story. There once was a sitcom called Cheers, that starred Woody Harrelson as a dim young bartender, the old guy from The Good Place and Fargo as the bar owner, that familiar Pixar voice was a mailman, and the Jenny Craig spokesperson was a bar manager. And aside from the Norm-isms, one of the best things about the show was its theme song. And now it’s in the Super Bowl.

Instead of the song being used as a celebration of the camaraderie that comes from dulling the toil of everyday life with the sweet, sweet numb of alcohol, here the beer brand uses the tune to illustrate a communal culture of a new generation that would rather sweat in pain than sit on a stool. The ad stars real people in real fitness classes, and the brand also hosted Pull-Up Challenges in Atlanta and Boston, where men and women competed to do as many pull-ups as they could in 95 seconds (the same number of calories in a Michelob Ultra–branding!), with the winners getting a VIP trip to the big game in Houston.

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