The 10 Most Innovative Companies In Consumer Electronics 2017

Amazon, Google, and eight others are driving the future of consumer electronics.

The 10 Most Innovative Companies In Consumer Electronics 2017
Microsoft: For threatening Apple's position as designers' favorite device maker [Photo: courtesy of Microsoft]

In the old days, every outfit in a list of important consumer electronics companies would have made . . . you know, consumer electronics. Stuff like TVs. But in this era, as more of the products in our lives look like devices, and they’re all connected over the internet, a more diverse group of players are setting the agenda.

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01. Amazon

For priming its consumers for a lifetime of purchases

02. Google

For homing in on the voice-assistant space

03. Apple

For remembering the core of its products: the chips

04. Xiaomi

For expanding its Mi brand into an internet-of-things (IoT) ecosystem

05. Eero

For taking the fight to crappy Wi-Fi

06. Microsoft

For threatening Apple’s position as designers’ favorite device maker

07. Dolby

For going beyond audio to bring more clarity to screens, too

08. Tile

For fending off the key-finding competition by putting its tech into vehicles and more

09. Kano

For standing out in the coding-for-kids crowd by tapping into the IoT


For streamlining its hoard of app recipes

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