The 10 Most Innovative Companies In Finance 2017

Goldman Sachs, Digit, and others are changing the way we spend, save, and invest.

The 10 Most Innovative Companies In Finance 2017
Goldman Sachs: For becoming a consumer lender [Photo: courtesy of Marcus by Goldman Sachs] [Photo: courtesy of Marcus by Goldman Sachs]

In the past year, the financial technology sector has seen a wave of innovations. Microfinance startups are finding their place inside of automated savings programs, social money sharing, and app-based investing, while legacy financial institutions are testing their own limits, putting payments inside of jewelry, appliances, and other unlikely places. Below are the top 10 organizations that are breaking with traditional notions about what it means to bank.


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01. Goldman Sachs

For becoming a consumer lender

02. Digit

For turning saving money into a mindless task


03. IEX

For helping human investors compete with computers

04. Ethereum

For creating a more developer-friendly public blockchain

05. Ant Financial

For banking on economic growth in rural China


06. Quantopian

For crowdsourcing investment algorithms

07. Robinhood

For adding premium perks to trading

08. Venmo

For expanding beyond peer-to-peer transactions


09. Visa

For empowering payment via wearables

10. Forerunner Ventures

For investing in the future of commerce

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