The 10 Most Innovative Companies In Food 2017

Chobani, Farmers Business Network, and others are changing the way we eat in 2017.

The 10 Most Innovative Companies In Food 2017
Domino’s: For baking technology into every aspect of pizza night [Photo: courtesy of Domino’s] [Photo: courtesy of Domino's]

The food industry is rapidly changing as consumers develop an appetite for bold new flavors, healthier and more eco-friendly options, and more control over how their food gets served, delivered, and made. These 10 companies have hit on strategies that are serving up the biggest change in the industry.


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01. Chobani

For expanding its tastes to win the dairy aisle

02. Farmers Business Network

For taking the guesswork out of farming


03. Resy

For using software to turn a restaurant meal into an entertainment event

04. Beyond Meat

For putting a veggie burger in the meat case

05. Starbucks

For redesigning the loyalty program without skimping on perks


06. Domino’s

For baking technology into every aspect of pizza night

07. Sweetgreen

For dishing up healthy food and frictionless checkout

08. World Food Programme Innovation Accelerator

For taking a Silicon Valley approach to fight world hunger


09. SOSV

For betting on the artificial future of food

10. PicoBrew

For creating an eco-friendly Keurig of beer for home brewers

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