The 10 Most Innovative Companies In Retail 2017

Amazon, Casper, and others are changing the way we shop in 2017.

The 10 Most Innovative Companies In Retail 2017
Casper: For making money in our sleep [Photo: courtesy of Casper] [Photo: courtesy of Casper]

Retail is in the middle of a major transformation, as the internet continues to change the way we buy everything from mattresses to bananas to hammers. But companies are also reimagining what brick-and-mortar can be, inviting customers to have delightful and unexpected in-person experiences that leave a lasting impression. These companies have come up with the most creative solutions that make shopping easier and more exciting.


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01. Amazon

For priming its consumers for a lifetime of purchases

02. Casper

For making money in our sleep

03. The Home Depot

For growing without building

04. Clique Media Group

For parlaying fashion advice into retail gold


05. RewardStyle

For giving influencers a platform for commissions

06. Hypebeast

For uniting sneaker heads into a lucrative demographic

07. Pirch

For bringing the appliances store to life

08. Ulta Beauty

For beautifying the in-store makeup-buying experience

09. T.J. Maxx

For bringing a delightful sense of urgency back to offline shopping


10. Beautycounter

For lobbying for safer cosmetics

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