• 02.01.17

There’s A “Fifty Shades Of Grey”-Like Soap Opera Set In Mumbai You Need To Be Watching

Yes, it’s an overwrought, hammy, BDSM-filled guilty pleasure…and I’m totally here for it.

There’s A “Fifty Shades Of Grey”-Like Soap Opera Set In Mumbai You Need To Be Watching
Both Fifty Shades Of Grey, and Maaya have similiar font treatments.

If you’re looking for a new show to watch with finely honed acting or a plot that makes any lick of sense, you may be excused. However, if you want what’s essentially a soap opera mixed with a more dramatic, more hammy version of Fifty Shades of Grey, well then welcome to the wondrous hot mess of Maaya, your new favorite guilty pleasure.


To be clear, I’m genuinely invested in this show. As completely over-the-top it all is, I can’t look away.

Maaya is a love triangle set in Mumbai. As successful and pleasant as her husband is, Sonia is feeling sexually unfilled in her marriage, leading her to create an alternative identity online in a BDSM chat room as “Maaya.” Frustrated in his marriage, too, Rahul takes to writing erotic literature online and eventually encounters “Maaya.” The first episode sets the rest of the series up as flashbacks, with Rahul apparently involved in a murder scheme that may or may not have something to do with his father-in-law and Sonia so distraught by the fallout that she overdoses on pills, slips into a coma, and finally wakes up only to be diagnosed to retrograde amnesia, i.e. she doesn’t remember the last six months.

I told you this was gold.

Director Vikram Bhatt has said repeatedly that Maaya is in no way cribbing Fifty Shades of Grey, which is pretty laughable given there are almost identical similar shots in both and he uses the same font in his trailer as in the trailers for Fifty Shades of Grey. But Bhatt should take pride in the fact that he’s created something far more entertaining than E.L. James ever could. I’m sure Bhatt set out to make a gripping drama oozing with titillation, but he’s indirectly put forth a series that can be officially added to the canon of “so bad it’s good.”

Watch episodes one and two below:

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