Hyundai Is Using 360 Tech To Bring U.S. Troops To The Super Bowl

Peter Berg will film “Operation Better” during the game and produce a spot to be aired right after the final whistle.

Hyundai Is Using 360 Tech To Bring U.S. Troops To The Super Bowl

WHAT: Hyundai’s Super Bowl spot, which is being made during the game, starring U.S. troops based overseas who are joining the event via 360 technology.

WHO: Hyundai Motor America, Innocean Worldwide

WHY WE CARE: Although it is not entirely clear what this is going to look like on the day, for the ambition alone it deserves a mention. Hyundai is, through the use of specially built 360 “immersion pods”, enabling some U.S. troops, based at an unnamed location overseas, to experience the Super Bowl. The idea is that the soldiers will feel like they are really in the stadium. And, if that were not enough, actor and director Peter Berg (Patriots Day, Deepwater Horizon, Collateral), and crew will shoot, edit and produce a 90-second documentary of their experience as it’s happening. The resulting film will run in the first commercial slot after the final whistle, before the trophy ceremony. This sounds like an extremely busy day for those people.

Calling the initiative, “Operation Better” the company said in a statement it is hoping to “make the Super Bowl better for the ones that make today, and every day possible”. Former champs Joe Montana and Mike Singletary made teasers in the run up to the game on the topics of leadership and teamwork but added, cryptically, that they were not talking about football.

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