This Danish Flower Service Ad Delivers A Sweet And Surprising Love Story

There is nothing harder than making that first move.

This Danish Flower Service Ad Delivers A Sweet And Surprising Love Story

WHAT: “Love conquers all,” new spot for flower delivery service, Interflora.

WHO: Interflora, Brandhouse, Copenhagen

WHY WE CARE: We’ve all been there. Just when you’ve plucked up sufficient courage to approach the object of your desire, something unexpected occurs that gets in the way. Crushing. This sweet ad for flower delivery service, Interflora, follows a young man in the 1920s, who makes several failed attempts at forcing himself to talk to his love. He gets there in the end but there is a rather delicious twist when he does.

Brandhouse creative director, Mikkel Elung, explains that the ad was set in the 1920s partly to acknowledge that Interflora has been operating in Denmark since 1925, hence the tagline, “Proud sponsor of love since 1925,” and partly, he says, “To make the point of the story stand out more, since it was even harder to declare ones love in the 1920s – no matter who you declared it to.” Little bit of a spoiler there, sorry. The film echoes the tender feel of the brand’s 2015 film, “Odd Love,” which saw a goth boy fall in love with a preppy girl.

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